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Defeated FC Montreal in the final minutes

Defeated FC Montreal in the final minutes

Montreal allowed the worst team in the MLS to come from behind and FC Cincinnati scored their first win of the season, 2-1, on Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale.

After a short spell of 211 minutes, or four halves, Montreal 11th opened the scoring in the 56th minute when Rommel Cuyoto was patient with the ball to serve up to Djorje Mihajlovic who extended his foot to score his second goal of the season.

The duel was presented on TVA Sports and beyond TVA Sports directly.

This was after the locks were unlocked due to the team’s poor performance on set pieces.

Juergen Lucadia took advantage of the confusion after a corner kick to create a draw (70), then Brenner hit a header (86) from a free kick to defeat Clement Diop.

It is reported that Cincinnati ranked last in the NBA. We also remember that this team has won 11 victories since arriving at MLS in 2019, including three against Montreal.


After a confused first half, Wilfred Nancy warned his players that things were not going well.

“The alarm rang between halves. You have to know how to kill matches and if you don’t, you are not as immune to goals as you did.”

“You can’t control the game without a skeleton. This is a textbook case and it’s annoying.”

“I don’t like the way we didn’t respect the game. We haven’t done anything yet, so you have to be effective. Today [samedi]We lacked humility, “the coach went up.


Although they controlled much of the game, FC Montreal could not win due to a severe lack of opportunism. Lacking confidence, Rommel Koyoto noticeably missed an abandoned cage by sending the ball a few centimeters to the post’s side.

We saw a lot of missed passes last so the team got close to goal and failed to get a good shot.

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“We had a lot of chances to close matches, but we didn’t. It’s not just about the forwards, I’m talking about players who are in a position to score goals,” Wilfred Nancy said lamented.

With the point loss in stoppage time in Atlanta last Saturday and that loss in a match the club could not afford to lose, they began adding a lot of remaining points on the table.

A matter of mentality

We wouldn’t go so far as to say FC Montreal took FC Cincinnati lightly, but we’d at least say it lacks the sting in this game.

Even if it dominated the meeting statistically, the Council of Foreign Ministers often appeared disorganized and rough in its actions.

And all of this illustrates the problem of mentality, according to Djordje Mihailovic, who seemed to want to answer journalists’ questions as much as premolars ruptured.

“It’s the kind of game where everything depends on the mentality. It’s easy to look at the ranking and get into the game thinking that against a low-ranked team, we have to win.”

“But in a league like MLS, all the teams have the quality and the low-rated team can come and hit you.”

If the midfielder says so, it is because Cincinnati last died in the MLS before playing that match as the Ohio team finally scored their first win of the season.

Mihajlovic believes it was the lack of offensive opportunism that made the difference.

“We couldn’t score the second goal to kill the match. This is the turning point. We also gave them balloons, which allowed them to keep pace.”

It’s even more annoying because Cincinnati didn’t do anything special to win this game. It was served mostly on a silver plate.

“We dominated the match and did nothing but two times in which they scored,” Victor Wanyama said sadly.

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The veteran thinks now is not the time to panic even though the team has only won one game in its last six matches.

“We have to keep calm and keep working on improving ourselves.”

A little bit of everything

For as long as one can remember, this team had problems defending against set pieces and this is what happened again this time.

Wilfred Nancy, who knows this aspect of the game well, cannot explain why the team would be difficult to defend itself in such a situation.

“It’s always a difficult thing to analyze. Is it a posture problem or an attitude? It’s part of it all.”

On top of that, even if he creates some threats and helps score Mihajlovic, it looks like Rommel Koioto is looking for himself for some matches, but Nancy is not worried.

“It works well and that’s why I’m playing it. I don’t know if it’s a trust issue. We have to be better and I’m talking about everyone, not just Rommel.”


the other half

84 ‘- Goal! Montreal 1 – Cincinnati 2. Piece set, head in the dive from Gustavo Vallecilla.

Gustavo Vallisela widens the gap for Cincinnati –

83 ‘- Rommel Coyoto (Montreal) is banned from outside the penalty area. It’s too high and too right.

78 ‘- Substitution (Montreal): Ibrahim enters, leaves the water.

73 ‘- Alan Cruz (FC Cincinnati) threatens from the center of the penalty area. I hit him a little high.

73 ‘- Substitution (Montreal): Torres takes Hamdi.

70 ‘ – Goal! CF Montreal 1, FC Cincinnati 1. Jürgen Locadia (FC Cincinnati) header very close to mid-goal. With the help of Jeff Cameron.

Lucadia creates equality against CF Montreal –

62 ‘ After a free kick, Victor Wanyama (Montreal) headed from the right side of the penalty area, but it was too high.

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59 ‘ Substitution (FC Cincinnati): Lucadia replace Barial.

56 ‘- Goal! CF Montreal 1, FC Cincinnati 0. A foul from Romell Quioto to Djordje Mihailovic (CF Montreal), who hits hard in the top right corner.

Djorje Mihajlovic strikes in the second half against FC Cincinnati –

51 ‘ Ronald Mattarita (FC Cincinnati) shoots from outside the penalty area, but misses.

48 ‘ Alan Cruz (FC Cincinnati) tries for a through ball, but Ronald Mattaretta is caught offside.

46 ‘ – The beginning of the first half.

first half

45 ‘+ 3 – The end of the first half.

45 ‘ – Romell Quioto (CF Montreal), alone with Zachary Brault-Guillard, misses an amazing opportunity on the left.

Quioto misses an incredible opportunity –

37 ‘- Victor Wanyama (CF Montreal) heading from the center of the penalty box. Kenneth Vermeer Judgment.

Wanyama is frustrated by Vermeer.

35 ‘- Djorje Mihajlovic (Montreal) received a yellow card.

30 ‘ Brenner (FC Cincinnati) shoots from the center of the penalty area, foul on the left.

25 ‘- Eric Hurtado (CF Montreal) strikes the ball towards the net from the right side of the penalty area. Kenneth Vermeer catches her.

Hurtado gets a chance to score –

16 ‘ With a free kick, Luciano Acosta (FC Cincinnati) hit Clement Diop.

Acosta missed a free kick –

11 ‘- Victor Wanyama (Montreal) wins a free-kick.

4 ‘- Sneak, FC Cincinnati. Ronald Mattarita tries for a through ball, but Alan Cruz gets the ball away.

0 ‘- start of the match.