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Deconstruction: 'The government has to act fast'

Deconstruction: ‘The government has to act fast’

France and Quebec react in two completely different ways during the fifth wave.

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On the other hand, Quebec continues to add restrictive measures. On the other hand, France is relaxing its laws more and more. However, according to Mathieu Bock-Cottier, the French health system is also not perfect.

“The French are convinced that there is a lot of action (…) the news is not devoured by COVID-19, it is full of topics such as the presidential election, the crisis in Ukraine, the left against the political right, etc. . Then, on a daily basis, the restaurants are crowded,” he explains. Mr. Bock-Cottier.

Even in the United States, Quebecers are noticing that they are running out of playgrounds while their children can’t play their sports.

The government must act quickly enough to eliminate all of its selective measures. Not just because people are sick of it, it’s less and less justifiable. People who have had triple vaccines, almost 50% of the population, don’t go to hospital, don’t have coronavirus for a long time (…) They can’t hold on anymore because they say you’ve been disciplined, you’ve been vaccinated, but because there’s People who have not been vaccinated, you will remain locked up like an animal,” laments Luc Lavoie.

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