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Debris from the SpaceX spacecraft landed on a farm in Australia

Debris from the SpaceX spacecraft landed on a farm in Australia

VS’An extraordinary discovery. Three large pieces of space debris have been found in the Australian countryside, reports say Parisian. It is suspected to be garbageA SpaceX mission Launched in 2020, falling objects, initially unidentified, were scattered over the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales between July 14 and July 25.

The largest piece, found by sheep farmer Mick Miners, was nearly 3 meters tall and fell into one of his pens. The farmer informed the Australian authorities.

The Australian Space Agency worked with the US to find the exact identity of these pieces of metal and their owner. The coin discovered by Mick Miners is analyzed. Thus, the debris comes from a capsule The space agency SpaceX, especially its Crew Dragon regression. The village of Dalgety is close to the capsule’s flight path and Australian National University space expert Brad Tucker confirmed the debris’ origin.

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SpaceX’s Crew-1 flight carried four astronauts International Space Station In November 2020, the company’s first operational team successfully completed the mission. The same capsule brought them back to Earth in early May, and debris was dropped from the mission two months later when it was expected to re-enter the atmosphere.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Space Agency said: “This debris is from a SpaceX mission and we have initiated dialogue with our colleagues in the US and with Commonwealth and local authorities.” The farmer’s neighbor also found debris near his house. Experts expect to find out more in the coming days.

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