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"Day without Twitch" Reduce platform traffic

“Day without Twitch” Reduce platform traffic

Many netizens indicated that this withdrawal would have little effect, given that the characters behind the movement, particularly the introverted supporter RekItRaven, did not have enough fans.

However, Gamesight’s data shows the opposite: according to their information, the number of active channels and watch hours have fallen to the lowest level in the past eight days.

The site estimates that Twitch recorded about 1 million less listening hours, and about 14,000 live channels were removed from the previous week’s data.

CreatorHype, which analyzes data from instavidists, came to a similar conclusion.

According to the data, #ADayOffTwitch had an impact on both the number of instavidists and the number of online netizens on the platform.

Quote from:Zac Posey, from CreatorHype

The effect could be as high as 5% or possibly as high as 15%, depending on how you qualify the data.explained.

CreatorHype info takes into account the drop in traffic caused by the announcement this week of the departures of two famous Twitch instavidists, DrLupo and TimTheTatman, who have signed exclusive deals with YouTube Gaming.

The beginning of the school year in the United States as well as the decline in the flow of Internet users due to the end From Gamescom events last week, is also among the data taken into account by the company.

famous hashtag

September 1, Hurricane Ida was wreaking havoc in the United StatesWe learned that host Joe Rogan has contracted COVID-19 and that Texas restricted access to abortion. Despite the burning news, the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch rose to the top 10 trending topics of the day on Twitter.

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The #ADayOffTwitch movement also had echoes in Quebec, while Denis Talbot left Twitch by broadcasting on Facebook on September 1.

RekitRaven, who launched The hashtag #TwitchDoBetter (Twitch needs to do a better job)On the other hand, he was very proud. Especially when there are a lot of people questioning what we are trying to do in this space.

I am amazed at how effective this procedure is, instavidéaste ShineyPen, one of the movement’s instigators, reacted.

Lucia Everblack, who is also behind the movement, is pleased with her part I felt their absence. But she believes the struggle must continue.

The platform, which is frequented mainly by video game fans, promised to work on finding solutions to confront the problem of hateful content revolutions. These abuses often target abusers from marginalized communities, such as LGBTQ+, people of color or members of religion.