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Dawn of the era of fundamentalism |  Montreal Magazine

Dawn of the era of fundamentalism | Quebec Magazine

The first conclusions of the congressional committee on the events of January 6 are not surprising. On the other hand, what is unheard of is that Donald Trump continues to garner nearly 43% of support from American voters, roughly the same percentage as Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris, vice president, has only 37% support. The other potential presidential candidates, Republicans and Democrats, are less than 30%. As for Congress, it’s hard to see how Republicans won’t dominate it in the November elections. Barring extraordinary events, the United States is preparing to enter the era of a fundamentalist republic. It is a disaster for the country and for the world.

1) Did the committee really find anything?

Trump’s coup attempt has been analyzed several times. The January 6 commission only confirms what all observers of the American political scene know. Trump has tried to stay in power by circumventing democratic institutions. This makes him a potential dictator. Unfortunately, Republican voters, and particularly their armed base, find this reversal justified. Officially because the election was allegedly rigged. Unofficially, because demographic development is hurting white voters in rural areas and because it risks making them forever lose any opportunity to gain power in a democratic way other than by tampering with the results of elections.

2) What is the next election likely to bring?

The rise of American religious fundamentalists and their alliance with libertarian groups in the Republican Party became apparent. The recent rulings of the US Supreme Court do nothing but respond to puritanical and puritan religious concerns. A minority of less than 40% of the population agree with these decisions. Obviously, with a Republican Congress and a president, this fundamentalist religious minority and these liberals will be much more powerful in the country.

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3) What are the consequences in the United States?

This religious and libertarian fundamentalism is opposed to the majority of the American population, especially in major cities and in coastal areas. They risk greatly weakening the federal authority. In contrast, the states of the American Confederation must be led to pass laws in a large number of areas, which accentuates legislative and social differences between states and makes the pressures of local lobbies more effective. In short, the factors of division in the country will increase.

4) What can be expected internationally?

No democratic country can claim to replace the United States on the international stage. It is certain that the United States, through its military might, will continue to play a major role in this matter. But what is the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? Will we see Donald and Vladimir shake hands in the Kremlin, friend? Will a hard-line, libertarian American government crusade against countries that have legalized abortion or whose social policies are dignified?

5) How will Canada be affected?

Canada has nothing to hope for from the fundamentalist and liberal excesses of the United States. Already, conservative candidates, at the provincial and federal level, are trying to adapt to local realities the ideology of the far-right that is beginning to dominate south of the border. They are strongly supported by the awakened, multicultural fantasies that are driving more and more voters to join their camp. Between two delusions, which is less?