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David Reinbacher will not play tonight for the Rockets

David Reinbacher will not play tonight for the Rockets

This evening the Laval Rocket will play the final game of their season. Yesterday's defeat officially took the club out of the play-off race, so tonight, we will mainly be playing to regain our level.

This means that without a quota, players who sustain minor injuries while trying to help the club reach the playoffs can skip their role.

This is clearly the case for David Reinbacher: Amal Al-Canadi will not be in uniform this evening due to a minor injury. Same for Mitchell Stevens and Jayden Strobel for that matter.

This is how the defender's season ends. Recall that he spent several months in Europe before arriving at Laval at the end of the season, where he played 11 matches in the Asian League.

Overall he performed really well. He collected two goals and five points, but above all, he showed that he is a solid defender and quickly managed to adapt to the North American ice.

It's not clear what the nature of Reinbacher's injury is, but Anthony Marcotte reports that the defenseman was hit hard on tape during a double check yesterday.

Does his injury go back to yesterday, is his injury unrelated to the double check, or did yesterday's actions exacerbate the injury he already suffered? The question is correct.

In Strobl's case, we know he played on Tuesday for CH in a game that wasn't of much use. Did he hide his injury (like Arber Xhekaj) in an attempt to continue proving himself in the NHL or is it a recent injury? Again, we don't know at this time.

In short, it's a shame to see the two young defenders end their season this way, but it's best not to risk aggravating their injuries in a match that doesn't matter.

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Making sure they are healthy for next year is the most important thing.


Joshua Roy will not be in uniform either. He was suspended from today's match due to his elbow injury yesterday.

He may have already played his last game in the AHL.