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DataTracks leads in the UK ESEF Reporting for multinational banks

DataTracks guides the UK ESEF reporting to multinational banks

London, April 6, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DataTracks, a global leader in compliance solutions, has successfully assisted many public business organizations in preparing and filing compliance statements with regulators. With its powerful error-free and reliable tagging service, DataTracks integrates seamlessly with comprehensive reporting services. Will be given By British Agency Friend Studio. The teams worked closely together to provide ESEF, the UK’s first mandatory deposit markup solution for Standard Chartered, a UK – based multinational bank.

Under the ESEF mandate, listed companies in the EU and the UK face significant challenges in submitting their annual financial statements in iXBRL format and complying with the new filing rules. Data Tracks and Friend Studio’s mandatory XBRL filing experience, with their European perspective, provides companies with tried and tested solutions, allowing the corporate reporting team to focus on their core responsibilities.

DataTracks and Friend Studio helped file two-year reports to Standard Chartered Of ESEF Highly quality and fully designed, it produces the first mandatory ESEF reports in the UK, simultaneously with the announcement and recording of its results.

Friend Studio is a London-based award-winning team of corporate information, communications and branding professionals who have been integrating XBRL reporting with partners such as DataTracks into its services for over 5 years.

Rob Rich Friend Studio’s Digital Reporting Manager said, “I can’t thank the Data Tracks team for all their support and hard work in completing these filings quickly and with the highest quality. We greatly appreciate that and will do everything we can to make the process even better next year. One of the largest companies in the country.” The release and filing of the first mandatory ESEF report in the UK, along with the preliminary tests, is a huge achievement!

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Balaji MuthukrishnanThe CEO of DataTracks said: “The partnership with Frend Studio has been successfully handled Of ESEF This leading bank incorporates complex and rich design. The team rose to the occasion and helped deliver high quality results without any compromise or delay. We have been able to benefit from over 17 years of regulatory filing experience around the world and easily apply these best practices to ESEF regulations. Through working with the Friend Studio team, we have provided solutions to the challenges that clients face with ESEF.

He added: “The team has worked hard to meet the customer’s business needs and will enable the most efficient solutions to be filed quickly in the shortest possible time. While customers are satisfied with the final results, DataTracks has proven itself as an expert in regulatory reporting solutions and a reliable business partner with partners such as Friend Studio. We will make sure to provide support and assistance.

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DataTracks, a pioneer in providing information management software for 17 years, supports more than 21,500 companies in 26 countries. To date, DataTracks has produced a remarkable 2,20,000 compliance statements for filing with regulators such as the ESMA in the EU, the HMRC in the UK, the ACRA in Singapore, the CIPC in South Africa, the SSM in Malaysia, and the SEC in the United States. States and MCA in India.

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