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Data theft suspect: Wanted agents coming exclusively from Desjardins

Data theft suspect: Wanted agents coming exclusively from Desjardins

Broker Mathieu Joncas, the Desjardins data theft file suspect, wanted to get his hands on the list of clients with mortgages coming exclusively from the Lévis cooperative.

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On Thursday, Matteo Joncas appeared before the Disciplinary Committee of the Quebec Immobilizer Tribunal (OACIQ). It is the subject of two complaints, one of which is related to the purchase of a list of potential clients that contains confidential information.

During his testimony, a discontinued Quebec mortgage broker confessed that he had initially received a list of samples with the names of Jean-Loup-Loullier Maas, another suspect in the case.

It was later that he was going to buy data from potential customers that could have been passed on to him by WeTransfer. He said that some of these documents were reportedly destroyed after being used.

The suspect would have spent “one dollar” to buy the first 50,000 names and “40 cents” for each other, as we learned earlier this week as part of the hearing. It would have obtained about 200,000 names.

Matteo Joncas confirmed that he had asked Jean-Loup to Julier Maas to respect certain customer standards. Cities or sectors were targeted and these people had to take out a mortgage from Desjardins.

The person who also owns a bidding marketing company said that he did not find anything abnormal in the information provided.

He said that he “targeted” the movement’s clients, because this organization is located in regions, where there is little competition, and that the cooperative will offer less competitive rates than other banks.

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These are elements that were not disclosed, however, during his interrogation as part of the OACIQ investigation into the case.

“What I needed was the name, address and phone number of an owner in specific sectors and from a specific financial institution,” he said on Thursday.

Remember, the OACIQ’s second complaint against Mathieu Joncas concerns a potential conflict of interest between his roles at his real estate brokerage and within his loan company.

On Thursday, the commission lifted the ban on “temporary” publication of the identities of some witnesses in the Matteo Joncas case. On Wednesday, two of the three targeted brokers expressed the damage revealing their names could do to their careers.

These witnesses said they were turned down for corporate positions after the media reported Matteo Joncas’ agency name or their association with sensitive data distributed by Desjardins. Their relationships with banks and customers were also reported to be affected.

One witness who collaborated with OACIQ as part of its investigation is Quebec mortgage broker Marc-Olivier Tanguay. In the summer of 2020, the latter was fined $ 5,000 for purchasing a USB key containing confidential data for nearly 5,000 Desjardins customers.

Marc Olivier Tanguay pleaded guilty to OACIQ.

For his part, another witness was the broker who handled in favor of Matteo Joncas a list of samples allegedly provided by Jean-Loup-Loullier Maas. This witness is not the subject of any disciplinary charge from OACIQ.

Currently, no criminal charges have been filed in Desjardins’ data theft file.