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dangerous. Adèle’s acclaimed delight in Espace Jean-Jaurès

The actors of the Eulmont’en Scène embody the absurd, extravagant, insane or preposterous characters from the play by Rémy de Vos. “This representation was proposed to us by Hervé Véron, with the assistance of the Association Aux Actes Citoyens and with the support of the Tomblaine Festival Committee and the Municipal Services” explains the President of Arpa, Mireille Jacquot. “It should be noted that the premises of Espace Jean-Jaurès lent themselves better to this performance, which alternates between several scenic spaces than the Stéphane-Hessel room that usually hosts our events.”

The funny play depicts the people of a village shaken by the disappearance of a teenager. Everyone is in turmoil. As a result, everyone becomes suspicious. The search for Adèle rallies the village, the occasion for a great dump, uncovering facts, rumors and precarious family situations.

Spectators eagerly followed the investigation conducted by the impressive Inspector Vallier, undoubtedly the most clumsy police officer of his promotion, but also by Adele’s family and neighbors.

A whirlwind of humour, at times dark, and laughable, but, more deeply, it holds a mirror to everyone’s failures, their cowardice and their fears at the level of their intimacy and at the level of society. And the final applause of the audience in exchange for a fair reward.

Saturday March 25th at 2pm Lotto in Stefan Hessel’s room. Saturday April 15th, 2:30pm, afternoon entertainment by Compagnie Incognito, with Décalage Heure, who will present her show “Ciné Paris”. Prices for members are 5 euros and non-members are 8 euros. ➤ Information from Mireille Jacquot, tel. 06 84 97 77 16.

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