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Dancer Frans Joffroy, co-founder of Corpuscule Danse, dies

Dancer Frans Joffroy, co-founder of Corpuscule Danse, dies

The French woman who introduced herself as “the dancer on wheels”, Frans Joffroy, died Friday at the age of 47. The dance artist, who has been quadriplegic since his teens, was the co-founder, as well as co-general manager and artist of Corpuscule Danse.

With strength, dignity and serenity, France flew away while the love of her loved ones carried herCould you read the company’s press release released at the end of the week. The cause of his death has not been revealed.

At the age of seventeen, when she was about to undertake a dance training, Frans Gueffroy had an accident that left her in quadriplegic. She continued dancing and conducted a series of critical encounters that shaped her artistic approach, focusing on the aesthetics and possibilities of atypical body movement.

Nine years after the accident, in 2000, she partnered with Martine Lusignan and Isaac Savoie Corpuscule Danse, Quebec’s first fully integrated professional dance company. This dance movement encourages creative encounters between disabled and non-disabled dancers, both during workshops and classes and on stage.

Dancers Joan Deauville and France Gueffroy (right)

Photo: Mikael Thimer

Many famous choreographers have collaborated with Corpuscule Danse over the years, including Estelle Clareton, John Ottmann, Hélène Langevin, Benot Lachambre, Lucie Grégoire, Deborah Dunn, and Harold Rhéaume.

Through her strong participation in her community, France Geoffroy has won numerous awards that highlight the importance of her work, including the Governor General’s Award, Civic Division, in 2017, and the Michael J. Fox Award from the Canadian Council of Arts the following year. She was also the spokeswoman for the Fondation du Center de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau for 12 years and sat on the board of directors of Visions sur l’art Québec for 7 years.

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