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Dance to slow disease progression?

Dance to slow disease progression?

A study confirms that this physical activity works on many of the symptoms of neurodegenerative disease and recommends how long.

In France, more than 100,000 people develop Parkinson’s disease. This neurodegenerative disease is characterized by the destruction of dopamine neurons necessary for normal brain activity. Current treatments control motor symptoms associated with the disease, but have no effect on other symptoms and on the progression of degeneration. Therefore, to stop its progress, other techniques are being studied.

Search Published in the magazine brain science علوم Investigating the effects of dancing on mild to moderate disease. The authors noted a slowing of progression once physical activity was done for at least an hour and a quarter per week. The three years of research have shown positive effects on patients’ daily motor problems such as balance and speech disorders, which often lead to social isolation.

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Long-term beneficial effects

In detail, 16 light-to-moderate participants (11 men and five women), average age 69, were followed for three years, from 2014 to 2017. All of them participated in a 1.5-hour dance class at a Canadian school. The results of this group were then compared with those of 16 participants who did not practice dancing.

“Dance activates areas of the brain in people without Parkinson’s disease,” said Joseph D’Souza, lead author of the study. More impact on their daily lives” by reducing isolation. The activity works on the cognitive, motor and neurological problems of patients.

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This study is another step toward developing a long-term neurorehabilitation strategy to combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. in France, Workshops It has already been set up for patients.

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