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Dan Bigrass on his new role at District 31

Dan Bigrass on his new role at District 31

In an interview with JournalismAnd Dan Bigrass talks about the different roles he has taken in front of the camera. Along the same lines, it evokes The character he will be playing soon District 31.

We know he’s going to play a criminal there, but here’s what he had to say about it: “ It’s very clear that he’s not very cute, but Luke pushes it even further. Because you may be a criminal, you still have a life. Don’t look mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are things that make you smile from time to time. Locke brings that layer. »

He adds that he does not yet know how many episodes we will be able to see his character in: “ There is a wall of the dead in the make-up room. Am I going to finish this? I don’t know, and that’s okay either. I am very happy and very grateful. »

We especially look forward to seeing him again in this context.

This new season of District 31 It is not without giving viewers some apprehension, particularly regarding Bruno Gagner’s character. Actor Michel Sharett recently presented a scene that is strong in spirits.

Remember, we got to know Denis Bouchard for a few minutes last Thursday. Will be back this week, to assist the members of the thirty-first in settling an old case.

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