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Damon Alburn quit politics after meeting Tony Blair

Damon Alburn quit politics after meeting Tony Blair

If he has a political affiliation, Damon Alburn They dropped them overnight after a discussion with Tony Blair! Singer of
Ambiguity And creator
Gorillas Revealed in an interview
MetroBefore entering Downing Street in 1997, he met the former British Prime Minister, only to realize that he had not become a cutout in the political world.

“Politics is a dark thing. I would lie if I said I didn’t think about this at a young age. I even had a strategic meeting with Tony Blair before he became Prime Minister, but it scared me. I said to myself: “I do not know if this is for me. I’m not a politician, I’m a musician,” “he revealed through the NME.

To express his opinion

However, the artist does not completely abandon the idea of ​​changing things, and presents his “clear” view of society and the world. “I have strong opinions. I think music is a way to get rid of everything. She’s not really here to talk about the worst realities of life. But, really, no, I’m been thinking for some time that this is the right place for it. Can catch, ”the artist added.

On his new album, Near the fountain, a more pure stream flows, Damon Alburn speaks specifically about his views on absolute terrorism, the nuclear disaster and ecology. “The greatest pain of my teenage years was the destruction of nuclear weapons. It now ranks third or fourth on the list of disasters and Armageddon. Only solar, wind and hydro are stable. Imagine that in a small country like Great Britain there are 15 or 16 nuclear power plants. This is horrible, ”he concluded. Near the fountain, a more pure stream flows Released November 21st.

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