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Cyberpunk 2077 VR Mod Set to Release in January

Cyberpunk 2077 VR Mod Set to Release in January

Nice city immersion TotalSoon a reality? yes thanks for Luke Ross ! This mod is famous for transforming games like Grand Theft Auto V And Red Dead Redemption II employment reality virtual, with tremendous success. the secret ? Ross created his “graphics engine”, so to speak, which allows the transition from classic vision to virtual reality. from Adjustments specific It still needs to be done, but the process is greatly simplified.

After voting on his Patreon, the broker decided to tackle Cyberpunk 2077, release date is expected in January 2022. An offer, it’s still close!

The action is rather fast due to the fact that the futuristic RPG is already in first Anyone, where like other projects mafia It requires creating a new point of view. Knowing From a major update Should arrive in the next few months, bringing content and bug fixes, the transition It can be tricky however, and Ross is confident his technique won’t break in future corrections.

For those who have equipment AppropriateIt can be exciting to immerse yourself in Night City in virtual reality. Mistakes apart, it is undeniable that CD Projekt has created an immersive experience here, full of variety and vibrancy for the eyes! So the experience promises to be capacitor

As Luke Ross joked the following Project, which is an open world based on DirectX 12 and beautiful in virtual reality. We can already imagine a port The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, especially since Ross will enjoy the warm experience of red engine. However, the other serious contenders are the cool ones Horizon Zero Dawn or Fallout 4, which really offers a very rich gaming experience.

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Next to Cyberpunk 2077 movie in itself Road Map We have already prepared for the fact that 2021 will hold nothing for us. The end of the year will allow developers to continue their work a job internalWhile waiting for the free DLC and the first expansion arriving next year. In the end, that’s a good thing, because we’d better take the time right to provide us, in the end, with the best possible gaming experience!