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Children’s eyes need more than just looking at a screen – Photo: Pixabe

One year after the outbreak, Vision Impact brings together various experts in pediatric vision and health. Discuss the impact of digital learning on children’s vision. One year has passed since many schools around the world switched to virtual learning as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Donna Musik, Managing Director National Association of School Nurses; Becky Palm, President and CEO Ecceler Vision Foundation; Joseph Richie, Managing Director Pennsylvania Optometric Association And Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, Medical Director Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas Multiple effects of infection on children’s vision:

  • Children are more likely to have visual impairment due to extra screen time and less time outside. These changes led to a greater number of vision problems, increased difficulty switching between near and far vision.
  • Medical help is difficult to access. It affected school exams, extensive eye examination and humanitarian privileges. However, as conditions improve, this situation will ease again.
  • Since eighty percent of learning is through the eyes, the relationship between sight and learning is important for children’s future. Awareness and evidence-based arguments continue to be important in addressing these public health needs.

Kristen Cross, The head of the vision attack company, summed up the concerns: “In managing parental changes in general, it is clear that we need to focus on vision.” Inequalities in access to benefits in the health care system already existed before the epidemic, but this has only increased with the rapid transition to digital learning.

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Total continued: “In the future, it will be very important for our children to look good and enjoy an education that will fully develop their future potential.”

Vision Impact aims to raise awareness of the importance of vision correction and safety in order to make good vision a global priority. Its advisory board consists of four independent international experts: b. Serge Resnikoff (Switzerland) and Dr. Wang Wei (China).

The Vision Impact Institute is a registered, non-profit organization that receives support from the Vision for Life Fund, the world leader in optical optics. The Institute for Visual Impairment maintains an internationally unique research database on vision and vision.

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