Success Expressed And Delivered Globally By DHL


Success Expressed and Delivered Globally By DHL

Over 70 percent of DHL Express Malaysia’s customers are SMEs. The growth of this sector is expected to increase exponentially due to the boom in e-commerce and cross-border trade. Managing Director of DHL Express Malaysia & Brunei Christopher Ong tells how the company intends to manage this expectations.

As markets and consumer landscape keep evolving, DHL continues to offer effective and personalised logistics solutions to overcome the five critical challenges faced by these SMEs – speed, reliability, expertise in trade regulations, dynamically linked networks and real-time tracking and tracing.
Christopher Ong, shares his thoughts on the importance of increasing Malaysian SMEs’ contribution in exports to turn Malaysia into a developed high-income nation. Ong also talks about the key trends and challenges faced by local SMEs in raising their participation in cross-border trading to grow their business internationally and the role of international express service providers like DHL Express in aiding and empowering SMEs.