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Curiosity celebrates 10 years on Mars

Curiosity celebrates 10 years on Mars


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It’s been 10 years since Curiosity’s robot was sent to Mars. NASA has extended its mission until 2025.

It is a small robot the size of a car that travels and shoots large groups. For 10 years, Curiosity has been traveling on Mars. With its six wheels and 900 kilograms of state-of-the-art equipment, it is slowly moving on the red planet. in 10 yearsAnd the He traveled just over 28 kilometers, which is an average of 7.6 meters per day. Throughout its journey, the robot analyzes its environment.

With its 17 cameras installed on board, it has already taken nearly 500,000 shots and produced 900,000 laser shots to study the composition of matter on Mars. All thanks to the many sensors made in France. From these analyzes, Curiosity should answer the question: Was Mars habitable at all? NASA answer: Yes, but 3.5 billion years ago. Originally, the rover was to be deployed for three to six years. But Curiosity is playing overtime, NASA has decided to extend its mission until 2025.

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