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Culture still has to wait

Culture still has to wait

As Billie Eilish prepares to perform in front of 125,000 people in Coachella in April, performance halls, theaters and cinemas in Quebec will have to wait a little longer before reopening their doors.

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During the press conference to announce the return to class on Thursday, Prime Minister Francois Legault backed away without further detail that the government hopes to be able to reopen places of spread for people who have been fully vaccinated “within the next few weeks”.

And since the halls were closed before the holidays, dozens of shows have been postponed or canceled.

says Olympia owner in Montreal, Patrick Levy.

RIDEAU President David Laferrière said he was encouraged that François Legault left the possibility of reopening in the near future.

“It’s a sign that our community is being heard and that we are still present in the discussions,” he says.

Actress Billie Eilish performs at the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas on October 9, 2021.

Photo by AFP

Actress Billie Eilish performs at the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas on October 9, 2021.

However, during this time, south of the border, cultural life returned to its normal course.

Over the past few days, two major American festivals, Bonaro and Coachella, have revealed their 2022 lineup.

On a site that can seat up to 125,000 people, the Coachella Festival, which takes place in California in April, has confirmed that its titles will be Billie Eilish, Kanye West and Harry Styles.

At home, despite the uncertainty created by Omicron, the Québec Festival plans to reveal its 2022 schedule this winter or early spring.

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Furthermore, as for the performing arts, Quebec remains one of the only places in the world (along with Denmark, Ontario, and British Columbia) where movie theaters are closed.

In the United States, cinemas are running at full speed with the help of the huge popularity of the new movie in the Spider-Man saga.

In France, where the fifth wave has hit hard, cinemas have been able to continue to welcome moviegoers with their “vaccination card”. However, since December 27, in-room dining is prohibited.

In Belgium, the government has ordered the closure of theaters, cinemas and theaters for two weeks from December 22. However, many owners of theaters and cinemas decided to challenge this decision to open their doors anyway.

The result: the Belgian government finally backed down and allowed these cultural venues to remain open, respecting the scale of 200 spectators.

– In collaboration with Maxime Demers and Sarah-Émilie Nault

Ontario Closure of concert halls, theaters and cinemas

British Columbia : Limit 50% of the capacity in concert halls. Cinemas closed

Alberta : rooms with more than 1,000 spectators (maximum 50% capacity), rooms for 500 to 1,000 (maximum 500 people), rooms with a capacity of 500 people or less (no limit)

Saskatchewan Masks and vaccination guide in rooms

Manitoba : 50% max in theaters

new bronze : 50% of the total capacity with a maximum of 150 people

New Scotland The halls and cinemas are closed

Scotland The government announced the lifting of all measures next Monday

France Limitation of 2,000 people in large gatherings and parking spaces is prohibited

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