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Crystal Dynamics offers assistance in Perfect Dark

Crystal Dynamics offers assistance in Perfect Dark

Can’t wait for Joanna of Arc to get back?

Credit Image: Initiative / Crystal Dynamics

Perfect Dark was revealed last year, and was developed not by Rare, but by The Initiative, a studio built from scratch by Microsoft to produce “AAA” titles. While the studio seemed to be alone in the driver’s seat, Crystal Dynamics just formalized its development support on its account Twitter.

Crystal Dynamics’ selection certainly isn’t a trifle for The Initiative’s director, Darrell Gallagher. In fact, his previous position was specifically in charge of the Crystal Dynamics studio, so he’s in a good position to facilitate the bridge between the studios, not to mention he should be in a pretty good position to figure out the strengths of his former studio and its surroundings. Which can bring real added value.

However, the fruit of this collaboration is not for tomorrow, Perfect Dark is still at the very beginning of its development. Unless there is any surprise or more advanced development than Microsoft suggested, it will take at least three to four years to see Perfect Dark reach Xbox and PC. The return of Joanna Dark should signify a game that should logically serve as Microsoft’s technology show.

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