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Cryptocurrency miners are a favorite of players

Cryptocurrency miners are a favorite of players

Jaxson Davidson has been the desperation of many gamers since he posted a video on Twitter of his mining farm including over 1500 Nvidia graphics cards. Cards usually assigned to players…

For several months now, the shortage of graphics cards has despaired millions of gamers who fail to acquire these new GPUs that will improve the performance of their PC. In question are the supply problems of semiconductors, especially the voraciousness of crypto-miners.

Miners who devour graphics cards

To create encryption, nothing is better than a good and powerful graphics card. And if possible, several graphics cards running in parallel to create as many virtual currencies as possible! However, in a shortage situation like the one we’re currently facing, it’s hard to understand why a significant portion of these products are diverting from their use.

That didn’t stop Jaxson Davidson, a miner in Utah, US, posting a video of his graphics card farm on Twitter. Most of them are Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 (there are 1,539 units!) and many gamers are desperate to be able to install it in their PC. He said Davidson purchased these components from small businesses in his county.

Unfinished, he plans to equip another building with CMP 170 HX, cards also from Nvidia but intended for mining activity. So players will not miss them. All these facilities allow Jaxson Davidson to generate the equivalent of $8000 in Ethereum every day. It’s really tempting, but that gain comes at a lot of people’s expense.

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