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Cryptocurrency firm wrongly pays customer $10.5 million

Cryptocurrency firm wrongly pays customer $10.5 million

A good round. The platform accidentally transferred $10.5 million to one of its users Australia In June 2021. Trading company Cryptocurrencies I only realized it last December, seven months later.

The initial transaction was a simple $100 refund to the Aussie, reports said Guardian. But the user’s account number was mistakenly entered in the “Amount” field during the transfer. The beneficiary apparently did not come forward and transferred the money to other bank accounts.

She is buying a house sued case Amount to be recovered. In February 2022, the company received freeze on remittance account. The user’s other accounts were later disabled. Meanwhile, the latter bought more A house Over $1 million in North Melbourne.

An Australian court demanded that the property be resold as soon as possible to repay While waiting for the total return of the amount, the user has to pay interest on more than 27,000 dollars.

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