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Crypto-Friendly Countries: The US joins Germany at the top of the podium

Crypto-Friendly Countries: The US joins Germany at the top of the podium

Any evolution is only due to competition. – A conflict, by definition, is never good. Especially when it’s drivingGermany And this America. From experience, we tend to view it with concern. But, in our case, it is obviously positive, because it can bring a lot to our ecosystem!

America, a caliph instead of a caliph?

website Coincub has established a ranking of the most “crypto-friendly” countries, and the verdict is clear! The US joins Germany on the first step of the podium and looks well on its way to overtaking it.

In fact, in this second quarter of 2022, Our American friends jumped in, moving from second to first to join Germany. This ranking analyzes several criteria to draw the list Countries Working Hard to Adopt CryptocurrencyRather surprising.

Top 10 Crypto Friendly Countries Ranking

The US and Germany lead the way, followed by Singapore (down 3 places this quarter), Australia and Switzerland, where the majority of states can be found working for one company. Regulation And a Adoption (or rather ban) cryptocurrencies. Regardless of their stance on the matter, the crypto theme is not without debates!

America’s strength (political, media, economic) no longer needs to be demonstrated. So it’s no real surprise to see America takes the top step of the podium.

For a real delivery Security Consumerism, and a comprehensive fight against money laundering, Biden Integrates notifications and keeps the crypto ecosystem in place Under the spotlight. The goal is to break down each state’s specific function to have federal regulations. It works.

with significant numbers Distributors To buy/sell Bitcoin In the country, the United States has a considerable lead over many states, especially in European countries.
l’Acceptance of cryptocurrencies A universal pension management fund is done on a rolling basis, FaithIt will allow its residents to own a portion of its funds in Bitcoin.

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Germany has not had its last word!

Germany, joined in America’s first step, is far from one place! Legislation ProgressiveOur neighborhood is a bit at odds with what is usually done in Europe.

While some wanted to ban before understanding, the Germans understood that working was more profitable A strict but permissive framework For cryptocurrency holders, because there are many of them in the country.

Ranking of European countries
Ranking of European countries

With tax structure FavorableAllows holders Bitcoin, Ether And other altcoins, which don’t have to pay taxes if the assets are held for more than a year, Germany is playing the peace card. They gently incentivize residents to hold, and specifically hold, cryptocurrencies.

Giveaways and mining are known matters, and are considered by law. The regulations have been formulated after consultation with major financial institutions of the country.

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Then the top 5?

Behind our German and American friends, we see SingaporeA slight decline, particularly the flight of historic investors leaving the country to join the UAE.

SwitzerlandKnown for its love of finance, it has long taken the turn of blockchain and continues its rise. It is home to a significant number of environmentalists, and continues to see the birth of many projects. A large number (for its part). Bitcoin distributors and makes hosting nodes the most rated country based on “crypto-friendly” criteria.

AustraliaThe former number two in the rankings is fighting hard to stay in the top 5. This is a very favorable policy for crypto paymentsAnd its commitment to highlighting the environment (training, encouraging use) makes it a country to follow, risking to change the rankings again by the end of the year.

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What to expect in the third and fourth quarters of 2022?

In countries that can disrupt the general classification, a few outliers come out on top.

starting with United Arab States Moving hard and fast on legalization, moving from 22nd at the start of the year to 18th.

Their positive view of the crypto ecosystem makes them a definite player Inevitable In the coming months/years.

The evolution of Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and the United States in the second quarter.
The evolution of Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and the United States in the second quarter.

In Europe, the Portugal Also attracts a lot, favors non-residents by offering Tax incentives Very generous, and Favorable tax rate. It will be firm over time with the plan MiCa Act Who comes on European soil? To be continued in the coming months…

The Russia, she eternally yo-yos approving, banning, re-authorizing, and then banning cryptocurrencies again. A major economic player, it will bring surprises by the end of the year.

The France is currently ranked 6th With this ranking, will it rise or fall on the list of “crypto friendly countries”? As pessimistic as it sounds, the future will tell!

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