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Crown Companies: Quebec Solidere calls for a salary cap

Crown Companies: Quebec Solidere calls for a salary cap

Solidere Quebec asks the Legault government to set a ceiling on the remuneration of top CEOs in public and semi-public enterprises. On Wednesday, we learned that Loto-Quebec’s next CEO, Jean-Francois Bergeron, will receive a base salary of $ 109,450.

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This amount corresponds to a 19% increase compared to the salary that was offered to the outgoing President, Lynn Reuter, during her official appointment to head Lotto-Quebec in 2017. It does not include any bonuses that may be paid to the master. Bergeron.

“Once again, CAQ gives a big, exciting salary to a senior government official while the caregivers in the health network have to be content with the crumbs,” said Vincent Marisal, of Quebec Solidere.

As president of the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), Mr. Bergeron earned a base salary of $ 297,395 for the last fiscal year. His term will begin in Lotto Quebec on May 31.

“In order to stop people like the new CEO of Loto-Québec from making more than $ 500,000 a year, Québec Solidaire specifically requests a maximum salary for top executives. […] So that their pay does not exceed 10 times the lowest salary in the organization, ”said a member of Solidarity at Rosemont.

End of service reward for M.I Roiter can be worth more than $ 430,000, or an entire year’s salary.

Due to the closure of casinos and game halls, Lotto-Quebec’s finances have been severely affected by the epidemic.

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