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image promotionnelle de Borderlands 3 montrant un personnage portant le fameux masque du jeu, ressemblant à un saint

Crossplay for Borderlands 3 is back on PlayStation soon

Studio Gearbox has just marked the return of cross-play on the PlayStation versions of Borderlands 3.

Now, the news is fluttering over the license Borderlands. After announcing the first DLC for Little Wonderland Tinathe new spin-off of the license, as wellAn unexpected sequel to the narrative game Tales From the BorderlandsThere is another good news waiting for the crazy FPS players. Or at least PlayStation players.

In fact, the studio Motion vector finally announced Cross-play is back on Sony consoles for next spring. At the moment, there is no exact date for this comeback, but at least one thing is certain: it will be soon.

This decision comes after almost a year remove crossplay on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, which was done without justification, in an update posted overnight.

Although no reason has been given, this sudden change seems to be largely attributable to Sony cross-platform gaming policy. In fact, Epic’s lawsuit against Apple revealed that Sony was asking publishers and developers for a portion of their income on both platforms to allow crosshairs to be implemented on PlayStation versions of games.

Sony cross-platform policy details for PlayStation

sudden bounce

with the release of Little Wonderland TinaGearbox announced that it will present a Complete cross-platform experienceIncluding Sony consoles. In fact, players had expected and hoped for this feature to return in the studio’s previous game.

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It has now been confirmed, but again, no information has been revealed from Gearbox or Sony. Original resolution from the publisher 2KHowever, it is very likely that discussions have taken place between them and Sony to reach a new agreement.

Hopefully, then, this newfound common ground discovered out of sight can continue for PlayStation games to go and wreak havoc in the Borderlands and Tiny Tina’s fantasy world with their friends, regardless of their gaming platform.

Reminder, Borderlands 3 And Little Wonderland Tina Already available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.