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Crosby's plan change

Crosby’s plan change

The Pittsburgh Penguins will once again have to dispense with their captain Sidney Crosby, as he misses Thursday’s game against the Calgary Flames.

No. 87 had developed so far within the first trio in training the day before, but his team will be patient before seeing him again in action. He had surgery on his left wrist in early September and is estimated to be absent at the time at six weeks.

“We will maintain the way we handle Sid’s return internally. He is getting closer and closer and we are discussing with our medical staff daily the procedure to follow. We are trying to put Sid in the best possible position to be successful,” said Technical Director Mike Sullivan, according to the Penguins Twitter account. “.

Meanwhile, striker Jeff Carter and defender Christopher Letang have remained on the sidelines due to COVID-19. In the case of the former, Sullivan said he is optimistic to see him again during Friday’s session. As for Letang, he is asymptomatic, but the date of his next encounter has not been determined.

“He keeps on passing. I called him yesterday, but he didn’t answer my call. I hope to call him today,” the pilot said.

Pittsburgh 3-1-2 after six games this season.

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