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Crisis in Sudan: At least one Canadian evacuation flight is scheduled for Saturday

The minister said that more than 375 Canadians have so far been evacuated from Sudan, which has been going through a crisis for three weeks now, and there are still about 300 citizens waiting for help from Ottawa.

We will continue flights for as long as possible. But the situation is dynamic and we must continue to assess it to ensure conditions remain safe for atmospheric extractions. »

Quote from Anita Anand, Canadian Minister of National Defense

Ms. Anand reiterated that the window for air evacuations is rapidly closing and Canada continues to assess the situation on the ground as well as other options, including land and sea routes.

Instead, two Canadian military ships, which were to go to the Indo-Pacific on another mission, were ordered to stay near Port Sudan, the country’s largest port, in case they were called upon.

Minister Anand confirmed that about 200 Canadian Armed Forces personnel remain deployed in the field.

Four Canadian trips in two days

Canada carried out the first of two evacuation flights on Thursday, bringing 117 people, including 42 Canadians, to Djibouti.

Two more flights organized by Canada on Friday evacuated an additional 221 people, including 68 Canadians and 6 permanent residents.

Canadians were also able to leave Sudan thanks to the support of allied countries.

However, the shots fired at a Turkish evacuation plane on Friday called into question the safety associated with these measures.

The British government also ended the evacuation of its citizens by air, after it allowed more than 1,650 of them to leave Sudan.

According to Anita Anand, another option to consider is the establishment of bus convoys, as the US has done.

Defense Minister Anita Anand

Photo: The Canadian Press/Spencer Colby

Measures for temporary residents

Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced at a news conference new measures, which will take effect Sunday, for temporary Canadian residents of Sudanese descent who are unable to return home due to the conflict.

They will be able to apply to extend temporary resident status or change status for free.

Minister Fraser said that over the past few weeks, 50 applications for proof of citizenship from Canadians residing in Sudan and 85 applications for temporary residence extensions have been processed.

Clashes continue

The fighting in Sudan since April 15 has left at least 512 dead and 4,193 wounded, according to official statistics, which are believed to be underestimated. And they oppose the army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and the second official, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, who are presenting a violent struggle for power.

On Saturday, new fire hit bombers over the capital, Khartoum, despite the new truce declared earlier.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the crisis has forced about 75,000 people to be displaced. Many have sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Egypt, South Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia.

With information from the Canadian Press Agency and the French Press Agency

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