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CPIE Bassin de Thau: The sea, an organized freedom zone

CPIE Bassin de Thau: The sea, an organized freedom zone

The sea is often seen as a region of complete freedom. However, there are regulations and best practices that must be followed so that every user can enjoy it safely, thus preserving the quality of the environment.

The Mediterranean is an almost completely enclosed sea and its name comes from the Latin word “mare Mediterraneum” which means “the sea in the middle of the earth”. Despite its small size (0.8% of the surface of the world’s ocean), it contains 8% of marine biodiversity, and many habitats: a natural heritage that is so important to preserve because it provides us with many services.

This area receives thousands of tourists every year and in particular the many users of marine leisure activities who occupy the marine area. Among these activities, the recreational boating sector is experiencing robust expansion and democratization. As a source of employment and dynamism, yachting activity can also have environmental impacts (eg seabed degradation associated with mooring, impact on biodiversity, wastewater discharge, noise and light disturbance, waste discharge).

Regulations on board

It is necessary to have a certain number of safety-related equipment on board any pleasure boat. For small pleasure craft in base navigation (less than 2 miles from Shelter), remember to bring: personal buoyancy equipment, per person on board, quickly accessible, CE standard and appropriate for their respective poses; light limiting device (waterproof flashlight); A valid fire extinguisher, a drain device (displacement), a suction line and a clamping line (Legifrance Article 240-2).

In addition to organizational safety tools, it is also necessary to adopt behaviors that respect the environment and other users. The challenge is to encourage and support the sector’s transition towards environmental sustainability. As part of the Ecogestes Méditerranée Occitanie campaign, special educational days will be held during the summer season.

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Pooling their resources and skills, Seite’s Maritime Gendarmerie, the French Biodiversity Office, the Maritime Institute of the Aquarium and the CPIE Bassin de Thau will meet boatmen in the regions of Espiguette and the coasts of Palavas et les Aresquiers.

During these educational days, the focus is on regulations, prevention and environmental gestures. The boatmen he had already met could discuss fire extinguishers, life jackets, regulations for recreational fishing, cleaning products, or even installation on sandy bottoms to maintain Posidonia’s seaweed beds.