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[CP] 24 Entertainment announces a free weekend for Naraka: Bladepoint

[CP] 24 Entertainment announces a free weekend for Naraka: Bladepoint

24 Entertainment is proud to hold the first “NARAKA FEST” on December 12th. The event was an opportunity to say more about upcoming new features, notably Bruce Lee skins, and crossovers with fall men And shadow warrior and more. 24 Entertainment also took the opportunity to announce a free weekend for new players. It will start on December 17th.

FREE NARAKA FIRST: BLADEPOINT WEEKEND will take place between December 17th at 5:00 PM and December 21st at 5:00 PM. The newcomers will be on different servers than the other players so they can make their mark at their own pace.

Several new features were announced, chief among them the arrival of the Bruce Lee / NARAKA crossover: BLADEPOINT. Players will be able to dress up as Bruce Lee thanks to eight new skins inspired by his most famous films and try to become, like Little Dragon, martial arts masters. The four forms for male characters will be Tarka Ji, Tianhai, Temulch, and Yueshan

As for the female characters, 24 Entertainment was directly inspired by Bruce Lee’s moves. Soft, flexible and strong at the same time, it can be worn by Viper Ning, Matari, Kurumi and Valda

Skins for Kurumi, Yueshan, Tianhai, and Valda will be available on December 14. Other skins will arrive in the next few weeks.

Obviously, Bruce Lee can only be identified by his dress style. Its fighting concept, Jeet Kune Do, is an integral part of its heritage, just like the nunchaku. On December 14, Nunchakus will next join the NARAKA Arsenal.

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This competitive spirit that Bruce Lee possessed is also at the roots of NARAKA, with the launch of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Global Championship. After the play-offs, 24 teams of 3 players and singles did their best to secure highly desirable venues.