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Coyotes love a new arena

Coyotes love a new arena

No doubt you’ve seen photos of the visitors’ locker room – temporary – at Mullet Arena, the home of Coyotes University. Yes, it’s only short term, but let’s say it’s not professional enough.

It’s horrific, real.

While Quebecers wait for their hockey club, the Coyotes will be playing in a very beautiful arena, but not at the level of play expected in the NHL.

But that doesn’t seem to bother players too much, who are willing to wait three years for a real circuit.

Press sent Guillaume Lefrançois in the land of hockey To see the beast with his own eyes. And what we’re seeing is that he’s not 100% ready yet (that’s why the club will be on the road for a while in a few days).

It is beautiful, but it is small.

But what we notice, above all, is that players don’t all want to do like Antoine Roussell and condemn the fact that the NHL has agreed to have them play on the NCAA circuit for three years.

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Yes, there will be an atmosphere, but the problem is not there.

Anyone with half a mind would prefer to play in a crowded 5,000 seat arena rather than a 20,000 seat arena with only 11,000 spectators. – Christian Fischer

that’s cool. It’s different. We’re used to the big yards, but they’re nice and don’t feel too small. – Josh Brown

I don’t know if the players are happy to leave the old arena, or if they are afraid of seeing their next paycheck bounce or if they have caught Stockholm Syndrome in a new arena, but obviously the players accept little.

All on their own, I imagine?

While some cities are ready to have an NHL team in a normal context, Coyotes are forced to play in a sub-caliber arena that is not ready yet.

Yes, it’s beautiful, but so is Bill’s place. However, no one wants to send an NHL club to Laval, as far as I know.

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Imagine the story if Tom Brady won another Super Bowl.

– What will the panthers do?

– Beautiful story.

– That’s it already.