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Coyote players are suing their team

As if the situation in Arizona wasn’t bad enough, today we learned that some players have filed complaints about the way they treat the team.

“It looks like wolves stay in 3-star hotels and fly economy.”

“Slap Shots has also learned that Coyotes players filed numerous complaints with the players association during the season due to substandard transportation, lodging, and logistics issues, in violation of the collective agreement.”

Breaking collective agreement rules is no small feat, as the Coyotes have learned in the past, and there is no doubt that the NHL and NHLPA will take these complaints seriously.

Coyotes stars have already been rumored to be leaving the franchise and that could be a factor.

We remember that Clayton Keeler’s father said that his son would not be in Arizona next season, although he later claimed that he was hacked.

There is also high prospect Logan Cooley, who chose to play in the NCAA for an extra year rather than in the NHL, after hearing the news of the city’s rejection of a new arena.

In short, things are not going well in Arizona for the coyotes.

source : hockey vid

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