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Cowboys Fringants singer fights cancer

Cowboys Fringants singer fights cancer

Karl Tremblay started the biggest fight of his life. The singer of the popular band Les Cowboys Fringants announced on Tuesday that he has been suffering from prostate cancer since January 2020. “Nobody knows the future. The only thing we know is that we will leave one day. At the same time, we are Alive”.

Through a press release, Cowboys fringe record label La Treebo announced the news publicly on Tuesday morning. She stated that the 45-year-old had been suffering from cancer and that the band’s schedule may undergo changes in the coming months, depending on the singer’s physical condition.

Carl Tremblay explained in his video that he is ready to spread this news to the public and fans, as he started chemotherapy. “And in the next few weeks, I will lose my hair and beard. Of course, it is still hair and beard. This is not the end of the world. It is part of the treatment.”

He added that he hoped he could continue to party “if my health permits, if my voice permits.” “Maybe I will have less hair on stage. But the heart and desire to make you spend great evenings with my fellow cowboys and fellow cowboys for the past twenty-five years will always be there.

full schedule

Cowboys Fringants’ tour schedule is very busy for the next few weeks. There are about thirty dates by the end of the year. In the next few days, the group should participate in several festivals, in particular in Sorel (July 22), Roberval (July 30), Rimouski (August 4) and Levis (August 7). He is also scheduled to visit Europe in September.

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So Karl Tremblay intends to lead his fight against cancer with his head held high. “I am now part of this family of people who have to fight every day against this disease that is unfortunately evident in the world we live in today.”

The singer, who is a father of two daughters he had with multi-cowboys player Marie Annick Lippin, said he hoped the public would continue to respect his need for privacy, “to live it our way”.

surgery in 2020

In early January 2020, Les Cowboys Fringants announced that they would postpone concerts scheduled for January, February and March of that year. The group had indicated that Karl Tremblay had two hernias and that he had to undergo surgery. We can assume that it was during this episode that the singer learned the terrible news that he had cancer.

Carl Tremblay sang in 2008 on the highly touching song attention. The singer sure had no idea those words would be an obsession twelve years later.

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support wave

“All my love my friend. The whole family here is sending you courage and positive energy. The dignity you show moves us and inspires us. Our hearts are to you and our great cowboy family. We love you Carl, we’re thinking of you.

– Vincent Valeris

“Good luck Carl, sending you so much love. And know that you can be so beautiful without hair.

– Martin Matty

“A huge dose of love, strength and courage to you and your family, Carl!”

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Justin Laberge Vogue (Alpha Rococo)

“We’re thinking of you, brother xxx”

– Emile Bellodo

“All my good feelings of courage and serenity! xx »

– Jean Thomas Jobin

Lots of love and positive thoughts from our entire family. ❤️ »

– Pierre Hibert

“Full of love. I love you xxxxxxx”

– Mara Tremblay

From dashing cowboy to dashing warrior! Courage my dear, you are strong! “

-Arnaud Soleil

“Carl, I love you. All the time. Good luck.”

– Dumlipo (former cowboy drummer)

“Full of energy for you Carl.”

– Mesmer

“Good luck cowboy!”

– Fabian Cloutier