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Covid in Russia: more than 20,000 infections and 568 deaths in 24 hours

Covid in Russia: more than 20,000 infections and 568 deaths in 24 hours

Moscow | More than 20,000 new coronavirus infections and 568 deaths were recorded within 24 hours in Russia, according to figures released by the government on Thursday, the highest since the end of January due to the delta variable.

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A total of 20182 new infections were identified across the country, including 8,598 in Moscow, the epicenter of this new epidemic wave.

The Russian capital recorded 92 deaths in one day, the highest number since the outbreak of the epidemic began, according to the state news agency TASS.

The explosion of COVID-19 cases since mid-June has been transmitted by the delta variant, which appeared in India and was considered more contagious and more virulent. It accounts for nearly 90% of the pollution in the Russian capital.

In the face of this outbreak, Moscow’s mayor has made vaccination mandatory in the service sector, while the immunization drive has been lagging since December amid Russians’ mistrust of available vaccines and despite rehearsals from President Vladimir Putin.

Russia is the deadliest European country with the government recording 131,463 deaths. The statistics agency Rosstat, which has a broader definition of COVID-related deaths, counts about 270,000 deaths between the start of the pandemic and the end of April 2021.

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