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COVID: Amazon delayed returning to the office until January 2022

COVID: Amazon delayed returning to the office until January 2022

E-commerce giant Amazon decided on Thursday to postpone the mandatory return to the office for its employees until January 2022, the latest example of a major American company changing its rules in the face of the new wave of COVID-19 pollution.

And so Amazon decided that employees who had to return to the office regularly as of September 7 will do so from January 3. This guideline applies to the United States and other countries, without limiting the company to those countries.

«Nous allons continuer à suivre les conseils des autorités locales et à travailler étroitement avec les meilleurs professionnels de santé en recueillant leurs conseils et recommandations pour nous employsurer que les espaces de é pouré pouré in équiere soiente» the group.

Amazon is not the only one making this decision. Microsoft has also postponed the full reopening of its offices to early October, even leaving the possibility for employees who care for those at risk or parents of children who can’t be vaccinated to work remotely until January.

The computer giant, following in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, also announced Wednesday that the vaccine is now mandatory for people who visit its headquarters, its employees and visitors.

As for asset manager BlackRock and Wells Fargo bank, who wanted all of their employees to gradually return to the office from September, they also announced Thursday that they are pushing that deadline back to early October.

All these decisions come as the epidemic starts again with a delta variable and local authorities are taking new health measures.

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Some companies like Disney have made the vaccine mandatory for some employees.

Following recommendations from the main US federal public health agency (CDC), which again recommended the wearing of masks indoors in areas where the virus is spreading, retail chains such as Walmart are stepping up to the plate. The side has asked its employees to cover their faces repeatedly.