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Covid-19: Washington rejects WHO's call to stop withdrawing vaccines

Covid-19: Washington rejects WHO’s call to stop withdrawing vaccines

The White House on Wednesday rejected the World Health Organization’s call to stop withdrawing Covid-19 vaccines, saying the United States did not “need” to choose between giving them to its own citizens or donating them to poor countries.

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“It’s a false alternative,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said of the WHO request.

“We think we can do both” and “we don’t need to choose” between sending reminders to Americans, which is not yet officially planned, or helping poorer nations.

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She noted that the United States has already distributed more than 100 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to less fortunate countries, or more, according to Washington, than the donations of all other countries of the world combined.

The United States has not yet made a decision on the administration of stimulant doses. But Germany and Israel have already announced campaigns for a third dose of vaccines that require two initial doses, specifically intended for the elderly.

The World Health Organization called, on Wednesday, for the withdrawal of confidence withdrawals at least until the end of September in an attempt to address the huge disparities between rich and poor countries.

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