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COVID-19 Outbreak: Towards Closing Borders?

COVID-19 Outbreak: Towards Closing Borders?

In recent days, Algeria has experienced a third, particularly deadly, wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Health indicates that the maximum daily contamination of 1,300 cases has been exceeded. But on Earth, hospitals are overflowing, and in every state there are now dozens of hospitalizations. In light of this situation, the issue of closing the borders has resurfaced, especially since President Tebboune has already announced that it can be closed. “If necessary.”

This is a real health disaster. Professor Belhaj, director of medical and paramedical activities at Mustafa Pasha Hospital, called today for a state of health emergency. But he is not the only one. Citizens are asking the government to respond. The Council of Ministers meets today under the chairmanship of President Tebboune. There is no doubt that a return to confinement will be remembered and a possible closure of the border.

Why are the borders at risk of closing?

According to Dr. Akhmuk, a member of the scientific committee for monitoring the development of the coronavirus epidemic, among the 15,500 travelers who returned to Algeria, only 7 positive cases of covid-19 were detected, so it was confirmed before – yesterday, on Radio Setif. , which – which “There is no relationship between the spread of pollution and the opening of the airspace.”. However, there are those who do not support this view.

If the delta variable is indeed causing havoc, Professor Mohamed Belhossein thinks about the dangers of the more dangerous variables. ” We do not know at the moment whether it is in weeks In the future, no new variant will eventually escape vaccination. What would be a complete disaster scenario He said yesterday, Saturday. But this fear is not the only reason that could push the government to close the sky again.

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Indeed, in addition to the risks of importing new species, hotels risk packing to welcome the sick. So travelers will face a shortage of rooms that can be booked there. yesterday was advertisement The Mazafran Hotel, which is supposed to be one of the hotels designated to receive travelers, has been mobilized to accommodate COVID-19 patients as of next Tuesday. Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior said in a press release addressed to 58 wali, that other hotels will be mobilized to deal with this outbreak.

In any case, the health situation that the country is going through now, may have an impact on the services currently provided by the national airline, Air Algeria, as well as other companies. Foreigner Since the first of June.