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COVID-19: Israel plans to end health restrictions

COVID-19: Israel plans to end health restrictions

On Sunday, the Israeli Ministry of Health said that Israel plans to end most health restrictions related to the Coronavirus, as of early June, on its territory.

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For the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic, all restrictions inside Israeli territory will be lifted from 1he is The ministry said in a press release, “June,” explaining that the government still has to vote in favor of this proposal.

Restrictions imposed on travelers to enter Israel will remain in effect, and the Ministry is even considering tightening them to prevent the changes from entering Israeli territory.

In the worst times of the pandemic, Israel was registering about 10,000 new patients every day. In the past 24 hours, the ministry has identified twelve. In total, the country has officially recorded 839,319 cases of infection, including 6404 deaths.

Israel launched a massive vaccination campaign at the end of December under an agreement with the giant pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which quickly delivered millions of doses to the Hebrew state in exchange for data on the effects of vaccination in the country that digitized medical databases on its population. .

More than 5 out of 9.3 million Israelis (55% of the population) received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Reduced pollution allowed authorities to reopen restaurants, bars and gyms at first, but only for people with a “green passport” – that is, people who were vaccinated or cured.

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Since mid-April, wearing a mask is no longer required in public places, but it is still in demand on public transportation and indoor places.

The new recommendations issued by the ministry will allow all residents, including unvaccinated people, to enter anywhere, but wearing masks will remain mandatory at first in closed spaces.