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COVID-19 in China | Public health is monitoring developments without following suit in the United States.

(Ottawa) Canada’s Public Health Agency is “carefully watching” what is currently happening in China with COVID-19, but is not following suit in the United States, which would require visitors from China to be tested for the virus before they arrive. Flight.

According to the federal agency, any changes to the rules currently in place will be made via a “Travel Health Notice,” which allows it to inform Canadian travelers of health risks.

“Level 2” warnings are already in place in all countries, including China, due to the pandemic, which means travelers should “take special health precautions when traveling abroad”.

The agency stresses that it may be wise to wear a mask, avoid activities that lead to transmission of the virus, or even postpone travel altogether if possible.

An additional notice, also of “Level 2”, was posted on December 23 in preparation for the Chinese New Year, whose festivities will take place at the end of January. The notice said the event was likely to attract large crowds in China, which would increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other diseases.

The memo also notes that “China has recently lifted several COVID-19 restrictions,” which could lead to a further increase in virus cases in the country.

The public health agency said in a statement that it is monitoring genetic sequencing data and the impact of COVID-19 on public health in China.

On Wednesday, the United States announced that it would impose new border restrictions on travelers arriving from China due to the surge in cases.

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From January 5, travelers from China will be required to take a COVID-19 test no later than 48 hours before their flight and submit a negative result before boarding a flight.

With information from the Associated Press