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COVID-19: Health experts call for tougher measures in Ontario | Coronavirus: Ontario

COVID-19 continues to gain by more than 50% in Ontario 4,700 new infections and 29 deaths Within 24 hours.

In an effort to find solutions, the cabinet met Thursday afternoon to discuss possible additional measures.

At this moment, All options are on the table In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, Ontario Public Attorney Sylvia Jones said after an interrogation period in Queens Park.

Hospitals are increasingly feeling the pressure of the epidemic, as the total number of people infected with the disease reached 1932, of whom 659 are in intensive care.

The Ontario government must urgently implement stricter measures to protect the health and safety of Ontario residents in this worsening pandemicOntario Hospital Association President Anthony Dell wrote on Twitter.

Cardiac surgeon Samantha Hill reported having a difficult situation in intensive care. According to her, some doctors transfer dozens of patients every week from one hospital to another.

Photo: Radio Canada

It’s tough to maintain morale in light of the situation, says Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Samantha Hill. In hospitals, we are tired. We are sad to see such great pressure on the health systemas you say.

Intensive care is out of dateHill, who has reported increasingly difficult conditions, says. She says some doctors are moving now Dozens of patients a week From one hospital to another, depending on the region, which worries the hospital staff.

This results from pressure Losing the choices we could make and the things we could doDr. Hill adds.

We are in a terrible situation and the numbers are not stabilizing.

Quote from:Dr. Samantha Hill, Cardiologist and President of the Ontario Medical Association

In the city center, we have already exceeded our ability to ventilate and [venir en aide à] Sick without using his heart or lungsas you say.

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At some point, resources are limited Explains whether the employees, machines, or the family. According to Dr. Hill, There is a huge burden on doctors and nurses Who will have to make heartbreaking decisions.

Sinai University Health Network and infectious disease specialist at Sinai Health System Dr. Andrew Morris believes that an extensionIn order to stay at home Is inevitable.

He said travel restrictions between regions and shutdowns of all non-essential businesses were also necessary in an effort to limit the damage.

We are in the largest public health emergency of this century.

Quote from:Dr Andrew Morris, infectious disease specialist

This expert also requires paid sick leave, better protective equipment, and better ventilation in essential workplaces.

Dr Samantha Hill agrees. The government has urged that paid sick days be given to essential workers [parce qu’on] He sees the spread happen [principalement] at workas you say. Without these holidays, she believes, it will be difficult to limit the spread of the virus.

Dr Andrew Morris does not believe that A. Curfew as in Quebec It would be an appropriate response for Ontario. Evidence [de son efficacité] Is mixed. You end up hurting people who work late, He explains.

Minister Silvia Jones also said Worry From Demonstrations against sanitary measures Held in Montreal on Sunday evening.

Association of Registered Nurses of Ontario, Chair Doris Grinspoon.

The president of the Ontario Registered Nurses Association, Doris Grinspoon, says the province is consistently lagging behind in its response to COVID-19.

Photo: Radio Canada

The President of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Doris Grinspoon says the Ford government and its experts should do just that Reassess your stay-at-home advice And not just prolong it.

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We also need to redefine and tighten core businesses, And she adds.

We had anticipated the severity of this situation for weeks. It could have been avoided with appropriate measures.

Quote from:Doris Grinspoon, President of RNAO

By the time we loosened restrictions, we’ve lost days in progressas you say.

Doris Grinspun does the same Doctor Morris constant: the The displacements are, for now, not limited From one region to another. As a result, Ontario residents continue to move, increasing the chances of exposure to the virus.

Dr. Morris reiterates the importance Communicate clearly and honestly with the public on a daily basis about the real situation In Ontario, it is suggested that the Ford government adopt this measure.

The new COVID-19 modeling projections will be presented on Friday.