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Covid-19: Florida governor wants to end “discrimination based on vaccination status”

Covid-19: Florida governor wants to end “discrimination based on vaccination status”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday proposed legislation to ban major health measures taken in the state to combat Covid-19. He justified the move, protected from 2021, by the desire to end “discrimination on the basis of vaccination status”.

The End of Masks and Mandatory Vaccination in Florida? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed legislation on Tuesday, January 17, to ban key health measures taken in the state to combat Covid-19.

His Press release, Republicans campaigned for mandatory face masks in Florida, vaccinations in schools and a permanent ban on Covid passports in the state. To combat the “biomedical security situation,” he proposed that no employer could any longer refuse to hire or fire a person without a complete vaccination schedule.

The purpose of the latter is clear: “to permanently protect Floridians against the loss of their jobs associated with the Covid vaccination obligations”. It aims to “protect parents’ rights and establish additional safeguards to prevent discrimination based on Covid vaccination status”. The 44-year-old politician said the law would promote ‘freedom of medical opinion’ and make it possible to disagree with the ‘narrative of the medical community’.

Ron desantis targets anti-Covid measures from 2021

Ron DeSantis called health restrictions in the US as early as 2021 “unscientific and unnecessary mandates.” Last year, one of his supporters, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Latabo, recommended against vaccinating otherwise healthy children against Covid in Florida. The latter felt that it was difficult to calculate “utility capacity” for this type of population.

Ron DeSantis asked the Florida Supreme Court in December 2022 to open an investigation into possible cheating by coronavirus vaccine manufacturers and potential side effects of the injections. According to GuardianThe request is currently being considered by a grand jury and is expected to render its decision next December.

According to the latest data The New York TimesFlorida has 7.4 million Covid-19 positive cases and nearly 85,000 virus-related deaths.

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