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COVID-19: Dr. Mylene Drouin faces the omicron wave

COVID-19: Dr. Mylene Drouin faces the omicron wave

The regional director of public health in Montreal, DrRe Mylene Drouin wants students at Montreal elementary schools to take a rapid COVID-19 screening test before they return to class in January. However, Quebec must distribute more self-tests to each student – five of them will be made available in anticipation of the holidays. according to dRe Druen, the examination can also be taken at the school on the same day as the beginning of the school year.

“Obviously, this is one of the strategies that makes us in January to avoid an outbreak, and to avoid closing classrooms quickly, believes D.Re Darwin who spoke with duty. Of course, we must see the availability [des tests rapides] which we have in Quebec. “

It’s only a matter of time before the Omicron variant takes over the delta in Quebec. Eight cases have been confirmed so far in the province, according to the latest update from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ). In Montreal, the regional public health department has identified about 40 suspected cases.

“We don’t yet know all the data on omicron and immune escape, but we can clearly see that it appears to indicate that there is some escape. [au vaccin], says dRe Darwin. For people who have taken three doses, the forms are likely to be less severe. “

considered dRe Drouin is concerned about the fate of the seventy and over living in the house. Plus the fact that people aren’t necessarily six months old [d’intervalle entre la deuxième et la troisième dose]Coverage is still very slow in this age group, she notes. We’re roughly around 50%, including appointments made. It “strongly recommends” that older adults get a third dose. COVID-19 is spreading in Montreal: 461 cases were recorded there on Monday.

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epidemic fatigue

To reduce the transmission of the virus during the holidays dRe Drouin specifically relies on vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11. However, she has no illusions. As of December 9, 32.5% of young adults in this age group had received a dose, according to INSPQ. “If we get 50% before Christmas, I’ll be very happy,” she said. She says that immunizing children from 5 to 11 years old will be a long “marathon”.

As for adults, dRe Darwin does not expect the vaccination rate for the third dose to reach a “fairly exceptional” rate for the second dose. As of December 7, 91% of Montreal’s population over the age of 12 has been adequately vaccinated. “Sometimes I pinch myself,” she said.

Public health must now deal with epidemic fatigue. “Right now, we’re completely disengaged, people feel safe with vaccination, and there, with the arrival of a new species, it’s very difficult to re-engage the population after two years. [de pandémie] Also, the number of hospitalizations is lower than in previous waves, she explained. “We have to say how we live with [ce virus] ’ continues the doctor.

For public health, case management is “more complex”, given the number of contacts and constituencies involved. says dRe Darwin.

It is very difficult to re-engage residents after two years [de pandémie]

The Regional Director of Public Health believes that 2022 will be a transitional year. “The population has to become more robust and independent,” she explains. The full question for self-tests fits this view. “

Didn’t Quebec take too long to introduce them? “Maybe we could have used it a little earlier in the nursery to lighten up the family,” Judge DRe Darwin, who noted that rapid tests should not be used “like this”. “It would also have allowed us to tame that empowerment, perhaps.”

considered dRe Drouin remains satisfied with the work his troops have accomplished this year. Montreal avoided the third wave. Schools and businesses remain open in the spring, unlike the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. It’s a “good snapshot” of public health in Montreal, she asserts. “I don’t think I can do it again with Omicron because everything is loose and we have a more portable variant,” she says. But in general, we can be proud of the capital. “

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