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Covid-19: Desjardins opens its head office for mass vaccination

Covid-19: Desjardins opens its head office for mass vaccination

Desjardins will enter the grand dance of vaccination on Tuesday by opening its own population center, located in its main office in Levis. About 500 doses per day can be given there.

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The cooperative was conducting a final rehearsal on Thursday before the official opening of its vaccination clinic. At least 180 employees or their family members were to receive a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“It lets us test our circle and our facilities,” explains Rémi Gauvin, campaign manager.

Ultimately, it is estimated that around 500 vaccines will be given daily. The clinic will now be open Tuesday through Friday, but the beaches will likely be added on Saturdays if the need arises.

The clinic is set to run for at least three months, but the company is ready to expand its collaboration if the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches still needs his services.

For everyone

Desjardins has run influenza vaccination clinics in the past. However, the organization is on another level for a vaccine against Covid-19, especially because we wanted to introduce it to the entire population.

“It was important to us that we serve the entire population from the start. This was the way we wanted to do it,” says Mr. Goffin, specifying that people can make an appointment directly on the ClicSanté platform.

Personnel Affairs

Desjardins’ effort is not limited to providing buildings, as it is the company that handles all operations. She hired vaccinators and also provided the support team, who are re-hiring staff.

Sylvie Gagnier is one of 150 workers mobilized. The Operational Efficiency Advisor did not hesitate.

“We feel we are doing our part. We know this is the way out and we have the opportunity to participate,” admits the woman who will be reassigned from time to time, at the time of the few transitions.

Desjardins estimates her efforts to combat the pandemic are $ 2 million by providing her facilities, hiring and reassigning her staff to this vaccination clinic.

For employees, these facilities located directly on their workplace are a gift, making life easier for many.

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