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COVID-19: Bill Belichick reconsiders his remarks

COVID-19: Bill Belichick reconsiders his remarks

Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, confirmed Monday that COVID-19 does not play a role in his personnel management decisions.

When the Bates fired quarterback Cam Newton, the pilot claimed that a “significant number” of players who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus had been affected and that saying the vaccine “solved all the problems” was a mistake.

Belichick’s comments sparked some controversy and he wanted to clarify.

“No player has been released or detained because of their vaccination status,” he told NFL Network. My comment on vaccinations simply argues that these are personal decisions. As a team, we’d be better off if everyone was vaccinated, but even if they were vaccinated, it wouldn’t solve all of our problems. As we have seen, many players, coaches and assistants throughout the league have contracted the COVID virus even after vaccination.”

Issues related to the current pandemic still exist and the protocols for reducing pollution risks in the world of sport are very strict. As Belichick said he always does.

“It is always our responsibility to remain vigilant in our daily hygiene and in making decisions regarding our personal health and safety, as well as the safety of the team. We will continue to follow the league’s protocol, but this has no effect on our released players.”

The Patriots’ first meeting of the season is scheduled for Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

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