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Courier du Sud |  Mobile App: Award-Winning Doctor by Charles Le Moine

Courier du Sud | Mobile App: Award-Winning Doctor by Charles Le Moine

By winning the competition, Dr. Frédéric Lemaire received a grant of $500,000. (Photo: Le Courrier du Sud – Archive)

The EZResus mobile application developed by Dr. Frédéric Lemaire of Charles Le Moyne Hospital, which facilitates medication management for patients in emergency situations, has won an award The challenge of healthcare in deep space The CSA announced the Charles Le Moine Foundation on February 28.

Dr. Lemire worked for eight years on designing this application in collaboration with about twenty of his colleagues. The tool allows the medical team to “quickly find the right dose, the right concentration and the right speed to administer each medication based on different patient characteristics,” reports the Center for Integrated Health and Social Services at Monteregie Center (CISSSMC).

“Medicine was working very well before our app, but what has measurably changed is that it removes the mental burden of focusing on the patient,” the doctor said during the launch in December 2021. Sure, we're always checking back, but the ambient stress level goes down a lot.

Dr. Lemire has received support from the Charles Le Moine Hospital Foundation and the Charles Le Moine Research Center. The app, which is used by 5,000 doctors in 29 countries, can deliver nearly 100 medications in intensive care for children and adults.

That was the goal of the competition “Developing new health technologies that can be used in remote communities and by astronauts on missions.”according to the institution.

“This is absolutely incredible news! It's a childhood dream come true! What a tremendous recognition, but above all, what an extraordinary opportunity for us to continue our work to create the best possible app and distribute it to as many communities as possible, and tomorrow, to the astronauts who “They carry out missions in space. What really matters in the end is to save more and more lives during the first hour of resuscitation,” emphasizes Dr. Frédéric Lemaire in a press release.

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