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Could Kent Hughes be aiming for a double rather than a fifth home run?

Could Kent Hughes be aiming for a double rather than a fifth home run?

The long-awaited annual NHL Draft will take place in just over two weeks as Montreal Canadiens management will present themselves in Las Vegas with the fifth overall pick in the first round.

We already know that in the best of worlds, the striker is the one Kent Hughes He wants to choose.

If the forecasts are anything to go by Ivan Demidov or Kayden Lindstrom At the rank of CH, each of which represents a potential opportunity, each carries its share of risk.

Lindstrom, whose injury list over the past few months has been worrying and chilling for many, poses some risks. Same for Demidov, in addition to playing in the KHL where information is hard to come by and NHL teams have virtually no control over their hopes there, he also suffered a major knee injury late in the season.

A potential home run also means a potential strike. Furthermore, we don't even know if it will still be available Canadian-wide.

If Kent Hughes The team management was rather aiming to achieve the double?

In the opinion of most potential recruiters and experts, he is the striker Teague Iginla Technically he has a lower ceiling than the strikers mentioned above. On the other hand, his floor is much higher and his chances of an NHL job seem very high, if not practically guaranteed.

In a recent article by the journalist Marc-Antoine Godin to Radio Canada Sports Met with the CEO Bill Armstrong Utah State's new formation Let's discuss a trip with him Josh Duaneson of the famous Shane Duan And the advantages of hoping to climb the ladder after living with a father who was a former NHL star himself. For him, it's clear.

These young men have a father who supports them in their daily learning of hockey. He's not just a dad who loves hockey, he's a dad who lived in the NHL. His understanding of the game was at a higher level and he passed it on to his son. It's the same for second-generation carpenters or second-generation dentists. They leave with a head start.

The other thing is that both parents have already experienced the lifestyle, and they know how it works. And you know that the son will be involved in this. This is reassuring.

-Bill Armstrong

Same story for Ibn Jarome Iginla Who admits that being around his father and following him in his career all these years represents an undeniable advantage for him over all the other possibilities available at the next auction.

I had many advantages that other young people did not have. I'm very fortunate to have my parents and family invested in hockey. His presence may generate more attention, expectations and pressure, but with my father and the rest of my family by my side, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

-Teige Iginla

Under the circumstances, seeing the Canadian go with Iginla at No. 5, which would be a few spots ahead of most lists that generally rank him between 7th and 12th, would constitute a safer option, thus reducing the risk of drafting a player who won't make an impact in the NHL later on. .

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Additionally, the young forward's enthusiasm and personality are undeniable, meaning we already have a good idea of ​​the type of player he will eventually become in the NHL.

  • 17 years old, Teague Iginla He is a 6-foot-1, 186-pound center. So far this season, he has compiled a record 47 goals and 37 assists for a total of 84 points in 64 WHL games as well as adding 15 points in an 11-game winning streak.

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