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Cotton Sport match at 2 pm: JS Kabylie panic

Cotton Sport match at 2 pm: JS Kabylie panic

The announcement of the course of the meeting, which will be shown against Cotton Sport for JSK on Wednesday, has alarmed all JSK fans. The latter had a hard time believing this, especially since the club’s leading officials, Jarjara, announced last Sunday at around 6 pm, that the match would take place at 5 pm, or after two or three hours, the nearby De Cotton Sport website indicated on its Facebook page that it had taken place. Postponing the match to two in the afternoon instead of five in the evening

Despite this, fans always found it difficult to believe the progress of the meeting, especially since the club’s official page did not report this change. We had to wait for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to indicate on their website that the Coton Sport and JSK meeting would take place at 2 pm instead of 5 pm. Certainly, JSK officials were stunned by this change, and for this reason they did not comment on the matter. The game’s progress made fear worse for the leaders, coach and players. They all know that it is impossible for a soccer player to play in temperatures above 40 degrees. They are certainly wondering why the Confederation of African Football (CAF) accepted the request by Coton Sport officials to present the match, as it was tentatively scheduled to take place at 5 pm. It must be said, however, that the representative of Cameroon has the full right to request the CAF to change the meeting schedule.

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Hell of Karuh

The Canary Islands rallied yesterday with great determination to at least return with the draw point that would allow them to take a big step towards qualifying, but their mission looks very complicated. It would take a miracle for them to return with a convincing result, especially after the decision by CAF to postpone the match to 2 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. Of course, the will and determination of the players will not be sufficient to meet the challenge in this decisive match to qualify for the quarter-finals. During the second day of the group stage match, which was held at 2 pm in Zambia against Napsa Stars, Hamroun’s teammates struggled to enter the match due to the heat that made them difficult. Tide late in the game. If they hadn’t suffered in the heat, the Canary Islands could have won with a heavy score, as the Napsa Stars are a very weak team. But weather conditions will be unfavorable on Wednesday because mercury will reach 41 or 42 degrees. This means that the Lavan foals are called to face the Inferno of Garoua and that they will have to count on their ultimate resources to return with a positive result from their trip to Cameroon.

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