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Le Costa Rica a récupéré 1305 pièces d

Costa Rica has recovered 1,305 pre-Columbian pieces from the United States

The first delivery returned 981 pieces in 2011. “This is a retrieval of pieces of our past,” the Minister of Culture welcomed.

Officials say Costa Rica has recovered 1,305 pre-Columbian art exhibits that left the country in Central America at the end of the 19th century and are on display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

“This is a process that started in 2010. (This museum) Brooklyn asked us if we wanted to retrieve these items, which may have been taken away because there were no regulations at the time.” Wendy Sekura, a spokeswoman for the local community, the National Museum of Costa Rica, told AFP on Wednesday that the items would be on display to protect them. “We fought because there were many obstacles, to find funds, and then due to the epidemic. But we finally won.”, She enjoyed.

This is the second part of the return to the country, with a total of 2,286 pieces. The first delivery returned 981 pieces in 2011. “Recovering these archaeological fragments is a recovery of our past fragments.”, Welcomed the Minister of Culture Sylvie Duran. Minor Keith, a U.S. contractor responsible for the construction of the railroad between San Jose and Limon in the Caribbean between 1877 and 1890, brought these areas back to his country at the end of his work.

The collection includes a tomb, “Metates” (rectangular stone slab), statues, as well as utensils, mugs and household utensils. According to the U.S. Department of Heritage, the Minor Keith-assembled collection contained more than 16,000 items that were later scattered in various museums and collections.

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