Merchantrade Opens Up About Bitcoin


Merchantrade’s Mr. Rama Hops on the Bitcoin Buzz

Merchantrade has been looking to diversify beyond the business of moving money, but will it jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon? Founder and Managing Director Ramasamy Veeran speaks to AWANI Review’s Luqman Hariz.

Bitcoin was once an obscure thing that only the most hardcore techies knew and followed. Today, everyone seems to have an opinion about the (in)famous cryptocurrency.

That includes Ramasamy Veeran, founder and Managing Director of money services company Merchantrade.

“Mr Rama” as he’s fondly known, should know a thing or two about the currency business. He built Merchantrade from the ground up in 1996. Today it handles transactions to the tune of RM15 billion every year, with a remittance network reaching 200 countries.

Here’s his take on Bitcoin.

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