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Coronavirus: 25% of Reunion Islanders are eligible for a Health Card - Health

Coronavirus: 25% of Reunion Islanders are eligible for a Health Card – Health

Since the vaccination campaign began, 270,900 Reunionese have received an injection (or 31.6% of the total population) and 213,000 Reunionese have a full vaccination schedule (25.6% of the total population).

The campaign has benefited from a good acceleration in recent days (37% increase in attendance to vaccination centres).

However, vaccination coverage on Reunion Island is still insufficient, especially among people who are more susceptible to severe forms of the disease, and especially among the elderly (67% of the population of Reunion over 70 years of age received a first injection and 59% received a full vaccination). schedule, compared to 86% and 81%, respectively, in metropolitan France).

Also, due to the presence of the “delta” variant on the island, highly contagious, the ARS encourages all residents of Reunion, especially health professionals, for whom the vaccination obligation will be in effect from September 15, to be vaccinated without delay, to protect themselves and the most vulnerable.

An appointment is highly recommended. In recent days, after an increase in demand, the phone platform has experienced saturation. Its workforce will be boosted to return to normal service. Reunionese online tool insiders are invited to make an appointment directly online and allow access to the platform for those less comfortable with digital technology.

Family Reunion can also contact pharmacists, doctors or nurses, if they are volunteers. These professionals provide vaccination in addition to their usual care activities, and cannot always respond immediately: patients are asked to be understanding and to allow their requests to be processed within a reasonable time.

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ARS continues local operations, in cooperation with the Red Cross, municipalities and shopping centres.

Each week, 50 to 60,000 injections will be available until the end of August. “