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Coronation: Will Trudeau seize the opportunity to tackle fleur-de-lys?

Justin Trudeau is preparing to attack the most famous symbol of Quebec and francophone America: the fleur-de-lis.

According to colleague John Evison of national post, At the time of King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, the government will unveil Canada’s new crown, which appears above our coat of arms.

The new crown for Canada will be that of Charles III, which will replace the crown of the late Elizabeth II.

As with Elizabeth’s coronation in the 1950s, the coat of arms of Canada will be modified with the addition of this new crown for King Charles.

I traded to Ivison. He told me that according to expert and author Christopher McCreary, the Trudeau government will introduce a new crown without religious symbols.

Thus, just like the Christian crosses currently in existence, the fleur-de-lis will be removed.

I had a very interesting conversation with Mr. McCreary. He really has unparalleled experience with these issues.

Historically – for a very long time – the fleur-de-lis was also seen as a representation of the cross, he explained to me.

The decision to remove crosses and flowers from the crown will, in fact, be a continuation of another decision of the Trudeau government, which is to remove the mention of “Defender of the Faith” from the official title of the new King of Canada. .


In recognition of the two founding peoples, the symbols of Great Britain and France have always been found on the front of the crown and coat of arms.

If Canada today is a multicultural country with two official languages, it does not mean that our French and British ancestry never existed! Erasing the symbols of our French heritage will not erase this historical reality.

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Don’t be surprised to see snowflakes appear in place of crosses and flowers in the new wreath to be unveiled this Saturday.

If heraldry is the art of a symbol, the snowflake, light and impermanent, seems to represent this government well.

I had the pleasure of working for a few years in Manitoba.

Their symbol is the great bison. From the colossal statues in front of the provincial legislature to the depiction in the coat of arms, the bison are depicted with anatomical fidelity there.

Imagine if someone decided that this was no longer politically correct and sought to sanitize it to make it less offensive!

It will be interesting to see Trudeau finally remove the unicorn from the coat of arms. However, nothing is less certain, because if there is an animal that he seems to symbolize, it is the unicorn!

There is one important thing we could have done with our emblem, after consulting with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis: give them a well-deserved place of importance.

political maneuver

Rather than being unifying, Trudeau is seeking to provoke a reaction.

He can then mount a unicorn and run in defense of his ideals with the certainty that his political base will be very happy.

By removing symbols from our history, Trudeau risks stumbling into a fleur-de-lis on the carpet!