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Corona vaccines: EU threatens severe export ban

March 17, 2021 until 4:57 p.m.

The vaccination campaign in Europe needs to accelerate. But there is a shortage of vaccines. If necessary, the EU would like to impose a severe export embargo, for example against Great Britain. Secretary of State Rob responded angrily.

EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen is considering restricting exports of deficient corona vaccines from the EU. It’s reciprocal, he clarified. If the situation does not change, the EU will consider exporting the vaccine to developing countries.

All necessary steps will be taken to achieve this. The Commission will also examine whether exports to countries with higher vaccination rates than the EU are still in proportion. Van der Leyen said Europe wants to ensure it gets its fair share.

“Crisis of the Century”

“We are ready to use all the tools necessary to achieve that,” the commissioner said. All options are in the table. He wants to put his plans for discussion at the EU summit next week.

“We are in the crisis of the century,” Van der Leyen said. Six EU countries have complained in Brussels that the supply of vaccines has been reduced. There is a severe shortage of vaccine doses in the international community due to the distribution problems of astrogen.

Embassy of Great Britain

According to the EU Commission, at least 41 million corona vaccines have been exported from the Union to 33 countries since February 1, although there is no vaccine in the EU and vaccines are slowly advancing. Van der Lion said it could not be explained to citizens.

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According to him, ten million vaccines went to the UK from the EU alone. The United Kingdom is “the first country to receive a vaccine from the European Union,” said Van der Leyen. However, in the EU agreement with AstraZeneca, two British factories are offered to supply to the EU.

“We are still waiting for the cans to arrive from Great Britain,” said Van der Leyen. “So this is a call to show that cans are coming to us from the UK and that we have each other here.”

Great Britain is amazing

British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb was surprised and asked for a personal explanation from Der Lines: Great Britain has guarantees and agreements: “We expect these guarantees and contract delivery to be kept. This dialogue.” The world is watching how the EU is behaving.

Continue cooperation with the United States

Unlike the British, the United States does not have to be addressed by the threat of Brussels. Although the United States has banned the export of vaccines, Van der Leyen has made it clear that the opposite is true. There is a lively Atlantic exchange of production mechanisms for vaccines.

The European Commission introduced the export control mechanism for corona vaccines in January. Since then, manufacturers have had to register and approve their exports to third countries with the authorities. But political pressure is mounting over the shortage of vaccines. Some European politicians are campaigning for a complete ban on exports.